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North American Premiere at the Fulton Theatre

"Travis Kent is remarkable in the lead role of Carl. Looking a good bit like Sigmund Freud, he gives this character sincere dignity...he has a confident demeanor which is carried across thoroughly in both dialogue and song."

- Rich Mehrenberg,

Director - Rebecca Martinez

Choreographer - Brianna Mercado

Music Director - Laura Bergquist

Book, Music, and Lyrics - Jill Santoriello

Book and Additional Lyrics - Jason Huza

Book, Original Concept, 

and Lead Producer - Jeremiah James

Lead Producer - Rashad V. Chambers

Orchestrations - Robert Felstein

Costume Design - Harry Nadal

Set Design - Raul Abrego

Lighting Design - Dawn Chiang

Sound Design - Josh Allamon

Props Design - Katelin Walsko

Video Design - Luis Garcia

Production Stage Manager - Sarah Ackerman

Assistant Stage Manager - Duane McDevitt

Casting Director - Paul Hardt

Cast - Karmine Alers, Valeria Ceballos, Rubén Flores, Shea Gomez, Brian Gonzales, Travis Kent, Andrew Mayer, Alan Mendez, Jonathan Mousset, Sara Ornelas, Shereen Pimentel, Anson Woodin

Swings - Melissa Faraci, Nolen Petrosky

It Happened in Key West is inspired by shocking true events that rocked the tiny island of Key West in the 1930s. After decades of searching for the dream girl of his boyhood visions, eccentric scientist Carl finds Elena in Key West, only to lose the young beauty to the fatal disease of tuberculosis. But for Carl, the eternal optimist, death is only the beginning. Haunted by Elena’s spirit and at her request, he takes her body from the graveyard, brings her home, and embarks on the most ambitious “fixer-upper” project in history as he tries to bring his beloved back to life. It Happened in Key West features a touchingly funny script and a bold, dramatic score.

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